Wonderful does not offer recurring donations, direct debits or standing orders to be made to charities. Donors must actively visit your Charity's Wonderful page and complete a donation form.

This is as a fundraising platform, we are predominantly geared towards fundraisers raising money for a charity of their choice by taking part in an event (e.g. a marathon, etc.) and ensuring each penny they raise reaches their intended charity. While we do offer direct donations to charities (by providing each charity with its own page when they register), this isn't the main purpose of the platform. Our model is only viable when lots of fundraisers create pages which are viewed by lots of supporters (giving our corporate sponsors lots of eyeballs!). While you can of course, use Wonderful for one off direct donations, we would discourage linking to Wonderful as your principal source of direct donations. As we are mainly geared towards fundraising, we can't always offer all the features best suited to direct donations for charities.