Yes, we do provide donation statements. These detail every donation a charity has received across all of its pages (its Charity page, Fundraiser pages, Appeal pages) in the previous calendar month and are available to download on the 1st of each month from within your Wonderful Administrator account. So donations made in January would be included in the donation created on the 1st of February.

Included in the statement are the following details for each donation:

  • The name of the page the donation went to

  • The fundraiser's name (if it is a fundraising page)

  • The fundraiser's email address (if it is a fundraising page)

  • The name of the donor/sponsor (unless they have ticked the anonymous box)

  • The date and time the donation was made

  • The donation amount

  • The Gift Aid amount if Gift Aid was applied (please note - we do NOT collect these funds, but pass on the Gift Aid details each month so that charities can claim it from HMRC.)

  • Gift Aid details to claim from HMRC (donor's full name, first line of address and postcode)

We also provide consent details on all donors and fundraisers so that charities can check if they have consented to be contacted via email/post/phone.

To download a donation statement, simply log into your Charity Administrator account , select "MY ACCOUNT" from in the top right corner of the page and then select "My charities" from the drop down menu. Then you just need to click 'View statements' and select which month's statement you wish to download. Please ensure that you have disabled any pop-up blockers to allow the CSV donation statements to download. Please note, statements will not appear until the 1st of the following month that your charity receives its first donation. Statements are not generated for any months in which your charity does not receive any donations.